DSS Publications

Sample Publications from Data Science Scholars as Co-Authors

  • Z. Khanjani, L. Davis, A. Tuz, K. Nwosu, C. Mallinson, and V. Janeja, Learning to listen and listening to learn: Spoofed audio detection through linguistic data augmentatio, 2023 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), (2023).


  • K. Nwosu, C. Evered, Z. Khanjani, N. Bhalli, L. Davis, C. Mallinson, and V. Janeja, Auto annotation of linguistic features for audio deepfake discernment, in AAAI, Assured and Trustworthy Human-centered AI (ATHAI) fall symposium, 2023


  • Sudip Chakraborty, Chhaya Kulkarni, Atefeh Jabeli, Akila Sampath, Gehan Boteju, Jianwu Wang, Vandana Janeja, Understanding the Role of 2019 Amazon Wildfires on Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting Using Data Science Approaches, Fragile Earth Workshop 2023, Colocated with ACM SIG KDD 2023


  • Konkobo K, Chen, LK, Bumpy journeys: exploring gateway failures and major switches.  Annual International Learning Analytics Summit, Indian University, May 2022


  • Ildephonce I, Chen LK, Wang D, Bertrand F, Asonganyi E, Towards Usable Science for Assessing Tourism Sustainability in Eastern Caribbean: From Polar Region Ice Melting to Sea Level Change to Rainfall,  Data Challenge at Global Resilience Dialogue 2022, March 2022